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The extensive appellate experience I have gained over the last twenty years in the Minnesota appellate courts, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court has enabled me to successfully represent numerous clients in their criminal and civil appeals. At the district court level, I have represented clients in dozens of state post-conviction cases-either as part of a direct appeal, or as a separate proceeding after an appeal, and in federal habeas cases.

Recent Cases:

State v. Jones, 869 N.W.2d 24 (Minn. 2015) (The Minnesota Supreme Court rejected County Attorney’s practice to charge persons who allegedly violated their probation with contempt of court, in addition to seeking revocation of probation and charging the conduct underlying the probation violation as a new offense).

United States v. Petruk, 781 F.3d 438 (8th Cir. Court of Appeals) (Reversing Petruk’s conviction for carjacking because the Government failed to prove that he took the car and simultaneously used force to take it).

Welfare of J.D.L., 2015 WL 1014079 (Minn. App. March 9, 2015) (The Minnesota Court of Appeals denied the State’s pre-trial appeal of the District Court’s ruling that the State lacked probable cause to charge J.D.L. with attempted murder).